My friend Rocio made some of these wristlets for Christmas presents and she did such a great job that I thought I would try it out too. She used the tutorial from Sew4Home, which is sponsored by Janome.


I made some modifications from the original tutorial of course (you know I always do!). Rocio suggested attaching a D-ring to the strap tab and then attaching the strap to it directly, instead of using a swivel clip. So I did that and it worked out well (I used a 3/4″ size D-ring). I also used craft fuse on both the front and back pieces (instead of medium weight fuse) and it was really stiff…I think I might just use the craft fuse on the very back. I do like the stiffness of the craft fuse but maybe just not so much of it.


I also am questioning whether the wristlet itself is a little big – 5.5″ x 7.25″. I might try to make it a smidge smaller, maybe 4.5″ x 6″ in the future.


The wristlet – notice I used a solid top, I not did piece it like they did on the tutorial.



Overall, I am pretty happy how this turned out. It feels good finally having conqered zippers! I used to avoid projects that had zippers until I figured out they aren’t so scary…you just have to use a zipper foot!


Anyway, I still am dragging my feet on my big project I started over a week ago…I better get going and work on it. Am I the only one who is more excited about starting a project than actually finishing it? I will eventually get it completed, sent off and posted here.


Until then, happy sewing!

Sani-Pack Pocket Tissue Holders

I am an improver…I can’t help it. It also contributes to my sewing ADD. When I sew something I am always rethinking in my head how I could make it better…even sometimes before I am finished the first one I am working on. Well, the project from yesterday, the Pocket Tissue Holders, had a couple of things that bugged me. So, I fixed them!

The previous version is on the left, and my new and improved version is on the right.

First, I didn’t like that the opening for the tissues didn’t cover up the tissues completely. I imagine the tissue holder at the bottom of my purse gathering junk inside because of that opening, thus negating the cleanliness of the tissues. So I fixed that by making my initial fabric a little wider and consequently a teeny bit shorter.

Secondly, I hate doing more sewing than I have to…so I figured out an easier way to do the exposed seams. This made the project much faster! Lastly, I added a little pocket in the back for some of those hand sanitizer packets and a couple of bandaids.
Look, your tissues are covered!
Everybody needs anti-bacterial wipes and band-aids!
Actually this project turned out pretty awesome with my improvements. I think I will whip up a pattern for my new Tissue Sani-Pack and put it up for sale.

Pocket Tissue Holders

I don’t generally carry tissues but I have seen this Pocket Tissue Holder project around and it just seemed so cute and easy I had to try it because I just wanted to get in a little quick sew in today.

Skip to My Lou has a great tutorial and it only took 2 squares of 6.5″ x 7″ fabric. I had just enough of this sunflower fabric so I made three (I used unbleached muslin inside). I also used a little extra 2″ x 5″ or so piece to make a little handle (not on the tutorial). Just add it in before you sew up the side seams.

Hopefully this weekend I will finish that big project and get it all sent off. I find it difficult to get motivated to tackle challenging things in the evening after a long day at work. But it is really my timeline so I guess it will get done when it gets done. Oh well…

Until then, happy sewing! :)

Appliqued Onesies

I spent all weekend working on a secret project that I will reveal later so I don’t accidentally spoil the surprise. I still have a few hours to go on it before it is complete though…hopefully I can finish it tomorrow night.

But I did have time tonight to whip up 2 little onesies appliqued for my friend Jen’s baby, Tres, who is 2 months old now. I used regular wonder under to apply the letters and I should have used tear away stabilizer to back it up but I am out….it seemed to come out pretty well. That stretchy cotton can be tricky though and I did have to seam rip and go over a  couple of parts again. I will have to pick up some more stabilizer on my next craft store run, which seems to be 2-3 times per week…I know, I know, it’s an addiction…

I haven’t seen little Tres since he came over and napped out during Super Bowl, so I though I would go visit and bring him a little gift. I hope he likes them! I will try to see if he will model one (without throwing up on it first) so I can take some pics.

Until then, happy sewing!

Update: I took these to little Tres but he was sleeping so I didn’t make him try them on. But his mom was super excited about them!
Then a few days later, she sent me this pic…so cute! :)


Ok, so I told my friend Janna that I would finally take some pictures of my new sewing studio. I bought a house last year and turned the upstairs gameroom into my sewing space. After several trips to IKEA, I finally got all the furniture in place around Thanksgiving, though I still have yet to finish decorating. And for a sewer, my curtains are pretty sad…just some cheap ones from target that need a serious hemming. Hopefully I will get to that one day.


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Two days ago I finished my first attempt at a Roll-up Car Garage for Hotwheels. Today I finished the second generation of that project.


It looks about the same open, except has 2 handles now and an elastic band. I didn’t change the size at all, though I did forget to put the stabilizer with the 2 layers of fabric and the batting in the main piece. The stabilizer really made a difference…it is definitely a must have. The handles could have been a little shorter but the placement of the handles was perfect!
The back side of it…I love this traffic sign fabric I found.



Next time I will make sure to use a different color for the garage pockets. It definitely needs a little something more decorative inside. Note the elastic this time…it works much better I think than the velcro!



All rolled up! I think it looks great with the two handles.




So I think I will try it once more with a few final alterations before I call my creation complete and post a tutorial. Gotta love progress! :)


Until later, happy sewing!


As you probably guessed from my failed crayon roll up caddy turned sucessful colored pencil caddy, I like roll up organizers. They are awesome at organizing random things. I saw a few of the matchbox car organizers online and thought I would try to make one for my little brother because he keeps losing his Hot Wheels cars. So I thought I would try to figure something out for him.

Again, I get general ideas from looking at several different designs and then come up with a plan of attack. Well, I am happy to say this Roll-up Car Garage turned out much better than the crayon caddy fiasco.





There are several things I will change about this on the next go around…including the velcro. I think I will use elastic next time. Again, I figure these things out after I have sewn it all together, since an elastic band has to be sewed in properly. I did add the fancy little handle (slightly off center of course). None of the car carriers I have seen had a little handle. Next time I will add two.

If you are interested in making something like this, my basic one is really easy…on the next version or two I will try to add a tutorial. There are also some really elaborate designs from Homemade by Jill, My little Gems, and Fiskarscraft that have incorporated play mats in addition to the car storage. I will post my next version of the Roll-up Car Garage when I finish it.


Until then, happy sewing!