This started out as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom in 2008. I began the project sometime in February or March but I never actually finished it by Mother’s Day. I think I ended up just giving her a card and flowers. But by the end of the year I figured I had been dragging my feet long enough and got to it. I should mention here that I was spending the holidays at my mom’s house, so it was, of course, her suggestion for me to work on this.


After (what if felt like) miles of strait stiching (I used a simple 1/4 quilting pattern to go along with the strips) and many spools of thread, it was finally done. I have to admit that I far exceeded my expectations on this project and was amazed at how awesome it turned out. This was the first complex quilt that I made. I love going home and seeing it sitting on the sofa as we cheer for LSU (of course!).


I don’t do many quilts anymore because they seem to take forever. But I knew my mom would love this one! (And she did!)



Until later, happy quilting!

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