I would love to say that every project I do for the first time works out perfectly as planned, but it doesn’t…in fact, it rarely does. But I am flexible and usually figure out how to turn it into something else useful.

The goal of the original project was to make a roll-up crayon caddy for my 2 year old niece. I looked at a few patterns online and came up with a plan (which I didn’t write down of course) and somehow when I cut my fabric, got it totally wrong. Ok, so I was really not paying attention and I actually don’t even remember how big my fabric was supposed to be….
But when all was done and sewed, I quickly realized that the crayons were dwarfed by the height of the fabric caddy. And there was a 9th (and smaller) space at the very end that I didn’t need since exactly 16 regular size crayons, or 8 jumbo crayons fit in the first 8 spaces. I should mention here that I am a little neurotic and things have to work out evenly, so a 9th space is not acceptable!


So this is what it looked like. Yeah…


But…in no time I figured out it that while this roll up caddy was totally inadequate for crayons, it was awesome for colored pencils! And my 10 year old niece!


So this is what I came up with…and as a bonus, that extra space was PERFECT for a pencil or a skinny sharpie, which you always seem to need when you are drawing! I could not have planned this project any better. I could have just lied and said that I meant to do this, but I believe in full blog disclosure. And I know I am not the only one who screws things up…I am just willing to admit it! :)
So, I should also mention here that I kind of messed up the velcro tie because I wasn’t paying attention (again, I know!)…it should have been sewed it into the main piece instead of sewing it as an add-on later. But I will fix that mistake on the “Roll up Colored Pencil Travel Caddy – take 2″, which I will post (and hopefully with a tutorial) when I intentionally make this next time.
Until later, happy sewing!

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