As you probably guessed from my failed crayon roll up caddy turned sucessful colored pencil caddy, I like roll up organizers. They are awesome at organizing random things. I saw a few of the matchbox car organizers online and thought I would try to make one for my little brother because he keeps losing his Hot Wheels cars. So I thought I would try to figure something out for him.

Again, I get general ideas from looking at several different designs and then come up with a plan of attack. Well, I am happy to say this Roll-up Car Garage turned out much better than the crayon caddy fiasco.





There are several things I will change about this on the next go around…including the velcro. I think I will use elastic next time. Again, I figure these things out after I have sewn it all together, since an elastic band has to be sewed in properly. I did add the fancy little handle (slightly off center of course). None of the car carriers I have seen had a little handle. Next time I will add two.

If you are interested in making something like this, my basic one is really easy…on the next version or two I will try to add a tutorial. There are also some really elaborate designs from Homemade by Jill, My little Gems, and Fiskarscraft that have incorporated play mats in addition to the car storage. I will post my next version of the Roll-up Car Garage when I finish it.


Until then, happy sewing!

One Response to “ROLL-UP CAR GARAGE”

  1. Janna says:

    I think one of these will be in my sewing future. Thanks for sharing. & post pics of your sewing room so I can be green with creative space is in the great room until my kids move out…

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