Ok, so I told my friend Janna that I would finally take some pictures of my new sewing studio. I bought a house last year and turned the upstairs gameroom into my sewing space. After several trips to IKEA, I finally got all the furniture in place around Thanksgiving, though I still have yet to finish decorating. And for a sewer, my curtains are pretty sad…just some cheap ones from target that need a serious hemming. Hopefully I will get to that one day.


Sorry, but it is kind of messy, but here are a few shots of the room. I am still working on the configuration of everything but my space is about 14′ x 16′. When I finally get it done  I will post more!


I have a few more cubby holes and wayyyy more fabric! And of course the Cricut I over Christmas that I have yet to use!



My favorite part of this room is my sweet 4′ x 8′ foot cutting table, with one giant self-healing mat that I ordered somewhere online. My dad built this table for me from 3 adjustable fold up tables, so I have it on the tallest height (36″) so it is pretty comfortable when I am cutting fabric.



Yes, my table is usually always covered in piles of fabric.


Until later, happy sewing!

2 Responses to “MY SEWING STUDIO”

  1. Jamie says:

    Hahaha…you will have to come visit the next time you come in town!

  2. Janna says:

    I'm green. Very,very green!!!!

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