Biased against Binding

I have mentioned before that I don’t do many quilts because they seem to take forever…and they certainly do. But, I decided to make my sister, Christie, a simple quilt because she has been confined to bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy (she is due in June!) and I wanted her to have something nice while incubating the baby. I can’t be with her because she lives in Seattle and I live in Houston, so this is my contribution.

So I threw this together in a few days though the project took 2 weeks to completion because I kept dragging my feet finishing it. The cause of the apprehension…binding.

I don’t like binding quilts. I actually don’t really like the quilting part much either. The piecing is probably my favorite. In fact, I have several quilt tops that are already pieced but yet may never see the light of day as a quilt. Anyway, I have always cheated and used pre-made (and not as nice) bias binding. This time I decided to make my own binding that matched the quilt. I should probably mention here that I semi cheated on the backing by using a fleece as a back, not batting and another piece of cotton. But it is because I wanted it to be soft and warm on the back side. I probably should have just sewn the fleece and top on wrong sides and then just turned it in, then quilted it, but I though I would try to do it properly. Next time, I don’t think I will.

So, making the binding was interesting and I kind of butchered it…but once you do the double fold you really couldn’t tell. I referenced tutorials from Buzzville and Modern Quilt Love.

I still didn’t attach the binding right…I just stuck it on and did a zig-zag stitch. But I wasn’t about to do it right by using the the hidden stitch to secure it by hand. I don’t sew with my hands. Period. If I have to hand sew it, I won’t do it. That is why people invented sewing machines…to sew. We all have our lines…that is mine.

Anyway, I am pretty ok with how the whole project turned out, but I don’t think I will be doing anything soon that I have to bind. I am pretty comfortable with my skill level when it comes to sewing random things, but I admit that I suck at binding. However, I know my sister will be in love with the quilt and not knit-pick it like I would. It is amazing that if you make something you can find 1000 things wrong with it that no one else does. I also made matching pillowcases that rocked. I was pretty proud of those.

For a major part of the project, I used the Oceanica fabric from In the Beginning. I love the ocean and mermaids and sea stars, and as soon as I saw the fabric I had to buy it, for Christie. It also feels very NW Pacific, which I knew my sister would love. I also mixed in some random things, including several batik patterns. I always have a hard time sewing with batiks…I can never find things I feel they go with. But they were perfect for this quilt. I still have a hard time with colors, only because I am such a perfectionist that I am scared I will pick something that doesn’t “go”. But I have worked hard to try to accept that sometimes not matching perfectly looks even better. I am also a big fan of brick shaped blocks. I think they feel more modern than using square blocks. But I usually do them in nice rows, rather than a brick road pattern. And it is a quick project to sew. If you don’t bind it, that is…

I appliqued several sea stars in a matching batik and I made two matching pillowcases.
I love this fabric! I liked being able to use the Oceanica fabric for the entire pillowcase.
I also sewed the same batik I used for the sea stars into the pillowcase as an embellishment.
PS- Sorry about the bad lighting! The colors are much rich in person. Hopefully I can get her to send me a pic once she gets it.
**UPDATE** – My sister sent me this pic of my nieces and nephew huddled in the quilt I made her. Aren’t they adorable?? :)

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  1. Janna says:

    Love this. Binding is my favorite part. Sitting and hand sewing it. Good excuse to watch tv. Lucky sister.

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