Kiki learns to sew

My (almost) 9 year old little sister, Kiki, is in town for her spring break this week. Yesterday as I was sewing her a Simple Skirt from Dana at MADE, Kiki said she wanted to try to sew something herself. We were looking through a sewing magazine and she kept suggesting these semi-complex projects, but I thought it was best to start off with a simple pillowcase.

So I helped her cut the fabric (she chose pink and purple skulls that I had randomly gotten on clearance), but I let her do all the sewing.

Halfway in the middle she said she didn’t want to sew anymore because she didn’t want to mess it up more than she had already. I assured her that she did a great job and could’t mess it up because we can always stiches! So she finally finished the pillowcase and felt so proud.

Then my little brother William wanted one too, so I let him pick out some fabric (he chose the space pattern) and I whipped him up a quick pillowcase. It is amazing how easy those are, considering how expensive pillowcases  are (especially King pillowcases) when you go to buy one.

William and his new pillow!

By the way, here is the skirt I made Kiki…

A super windy day!

This was our “trial version” so we will be making another one…next time we will be using a batik. She is kind of skinny (22.5″ waist) so I used a spandex band 23″ long and the whole width of fabric for the fluff factor. We also did a 18.5″ length because she wanted it to her knees. She also wants a dress so I guess I will be working on that one too.

Until later, happy sewing! And Happy Easter!

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