Sewing machine school

So I have had my Brother Innovis 1200 (sewing/embroidery combo) for over 3 years now. I sew on it daily, but I never successfully figured out how to use the embroidery part, which is a complete shame because I know several people who would kill to have embroidery. I mean I have tried several times but I must have been doing a bunch of stuff wrong because every project looked like crap. And I am not talking about the crazy perfectionist version of “crap” that looks great to everyone else on the planet but you; these were truly sad. So I FINALLY enrolled in the sewing machine class you get to go to when you first buy your machine…luckily they don’t have time limits on those!

The first class of two was last night and I was super excited but also exhausted from work because the class was 5-9pm. At one point I was zoned out watching my image being stitched and the instructor commented, “Jamie, either you are concentrating really hard or you are really tired.” At about 8:30 I was about to crash. But, I made it through and I have to say the class was great and I learned some new random things in addition to working the embroidery part of my Brother. Though it was nice to already know how to work my machine and not be stressed at how to thread it or change needles or feet.

So here is my project…it was supposed to say Jamie Loves Sewing but I didn’t have time to finish it all, so it just says Loves…which is a little weird. I wish I could say I will just finish it later but I probably won’t…knowing me.

It sounds kind of lame to non-sewers but I am super excited to go to my class next week. Hopefully I will pick up some more tips.
Until then, happy sewing!

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