I meant to post something sooner but last week I went back to my hometown (New Orleans) for my cousin Ryan’s wedding. I had a great time and everything was beautiful! While I was there, I came across a few cool things that I wanted to share.


First of all, I should note here that Ryan’s new wife (Meghan) is super crafty. Every Christmas she comes up with some amazing handicraft and gives it out to everyone as gifts…she has done magnets and coasters and lots of other random things. Because of her super crafty status, I assumed that her wedding would have her crafty personal touches. Meghan organized everything she wanted done and thankfully had many family volunteers to help carry out the tasks.


What a cute couple!


At the reception he gave out this pic that had the info so we could all view the photos online. What a great idea, rather than just a boring card or slip of paper.




Aunt Lori made the wedding ceremony programs that were give out at the church. Aren’t they adorable and super simple? I will definitely be making some of these for some event one day!



The reception was held at the Abita Brewery (a very popular Louisiana craft beer brand) which was awesome because they had 13 Abita beers on tap in addition to the open bar. Super cool! My friends James and John were really jealous when I told them where the reception was because they are huge craft beer fans. My favorite thing at the Brewery reception hall was this piece of art made out of Abita bottle caps:



The funny thing is that I started collecting bottle caps a couple of weeks ago at my last pool party because I decided that I wanted to do a cool art project with them. Needless to say this was both ironic and inspiring! One awesome thing Ryan & Meghan had for the reception was to rent an old school photo booth. Maybe this is the latest rage and I just don’t know because I haven’t been to a wedding in a few years. Anyway, you go in and have your picture taken – either in color or B&W. You can even write a message on a little chalkboard to hold up in the pic. After the pics are printed, you get a copy and Ryan & Meghan get a copy. How much better is that than just disposable cameras on the tables? I would definitely suggest this idea to others! Here are the pics I took with my mom. Of course by this point in the evening I was all sweaty and my hair was not all pretty like it was before…but all in all they didn’t come out too bad!



Lastly, as my mom and I were driving across Lake Pontchartrain to go to the wedding, the rainy sky opened up to show this beautiful full double rainbow. I had to take 2 pics to get the whole thing! The 2nd rainbow is a little faint but it is definitely there (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving the car while taking the pictures). My grandmother who passed away 3 years ago from cancer would have said this was good luck. I like to think so too :)



I have 4 days until I leave to go to Seattle to visit my sister so hopefully I can get some creative time in. Plus there are some projects that I need to complete. Oooh and I really want to sew something…I am going through withdrawals…


Until later, happy crafting!

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