Berry Pickin’ Saturday

My first day in Seattle with the family was super fun but busy! We decided to go berry picking since they just opened the U-pick fields because the weather was nice and they berries were finally ripe.
I found this beautiful butterfly in the backyard before we left. What a pretty day!

Raspberry picking…

What a pretty and lush field!
My nephew Noah being choosy
My honerary nephew Cameron showing off his loot with his toothless grin :)
My adorable niece Hannah wanted to carry her own basket
Hmm…maybe this way is better.
Hannah sampling berries with her dad
Intrigued by this stick

Isn’t that outfit she is wearing adorable? I made the skirt and I found that pink sweater on clearance for $1.50!

A pretty creek behind the raspberry fields
Other side of the creek

Now on to the blueberry field…

Making sure we pick the blue ones not the green ones!
Look how big some of these blueberries are!
The boys loading up on berries
View of the Tolt river on the way home

Lunch time at Costco! I love the Costco in Issaquah where they live because the food court is outside rather than inside. It is always packed too!

Mmmm…Costco pizza is delicious!

Later back at the house the kids decide to jump on the trampoline and play with water balloons. Gotta love the action setting on the camera!

Notice Hannah’s feet off the ground :)
My niece Alexis chasing her brother
Trampoline + Waterballoons = fun

My new baby niece Ava just chilled inside…not sure what that face was about! But I am sure she was enjoying the burp bloth I made her.

More adventures to come!

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