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Last week when I was in Seattle I was telling my niece Alexis about the bulletin board I made for my kitchen and she said she wanted one for her room. Well, then Noah and Cameron wanted one too. So we made 3 for the kids!

They turned out really nice. I finished the corner edges with grossgrain ribbon. Alexis was shocked at how easy it was to do.

This one was for Alexis:

Hers is the biggest… 24″ x 36″ since she had the most wall space.

 This one was for Noah:

And this one was for Cameron:
His room is sports-themed if you can’t guess!

They were all super cute but I decided that I wanted to make some cute embellishment for Alexis’s board. My sister Christie’s friend Carrie told her about a melted ribbon flower project, so I experimented with one of those.

Came out pretty nice!

Then I made some smaller ones too and added them all to the board.
I didn’t notice the pic was blurry when I took it, sorry! My pics are usually not this shoddy!
You can see the big one at the top and the little ones at the bottom.

A (still blurry) close up:

Alexis was so excited about the flowers and her board…they really looked awesome. Next time I go, I will take a better picture! I will try to post a tutorial soon on how to make the flowers.
Until later, happy crafting!

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