2011 was a good year because it got me crafting again and brought me to blogging. In early 2011, I randomly found a linky party on Tip Junkie and of course I was sucked in…who wouldn’t be? I never knew craft blogs were even out there! Crazy! All these amazingly talented women were being passionate about being creative. I was like “Awesome…sign me up!”



So I started my little blog on Feb 13th, 2011 with this post about a little something I sewed for fun. I didn’t even acknowledge it was my first post! And I named it Sew Rockin’ because I love to sew (Duh…I bet you couldn’t guess that)! But I think it is kind of funny now because I find myself not sewing as much as doing other random crafts. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 7 and I have been crafty all my life. But as as much as I love to be creative, I never took the time for it. I would find myself wasting time watching tv or doing other mindless activities, but once I found this amazing creative outlet, all that changed. In October, I switched over to my own website and it has just boomed from there!


The more I made and blogged, the more I wanted to. So an obsession has definitely taken hold of me. The more I read about what other people are doing, the more it inspires me to try new things and look at everything in a different way. I find it hard not to want to make everything! Thankfully my mom doesn’t live nearby because I would drive her [even more] crazy with my crafts…she shutters when I exclaim “I can make that.” I think that might be attributed to long history of me not finishing anything. Ok…that’s definitely why.


So what’s in store for 2012 for Sew Rockin’? Who knows! I am not sure the direction of my blog or my projects but I do want to accomplish a few things:


#1 – Finish my house. I bought it in Feb. 2010 and I really wish that I had started blogging before that so I could chronicle everything I have done. Seriously, we gutted this bad boy. Yes I have all the pics, but the problem is that no one area is 100% done. Some are close and only need decorating, but I really need to work harder to wrap some of this crap up. I am tired of feeling like I live in a semi-construction zone. The only room that has been left untouched is my master bath, and that is going to need to be spruced up soon because I hate it so much I kinda want to burn it down. Ok, I’m not really going to burn it down (insurance won’t cover that)…but I do hate most everything about it. Unfortunately there is virtually a zero budget in 2012 for that room so I am going to have to be thrifty and creative! But by 2012 I want everything related to the inside of the house (except the master bath) moved from the “To Do” list to the “To Done” list. Home Depot style!


#2 – Start an Etsy store. My goal blogging is not to make money by blogging. I like to use it to explore what I like and don’t like to make. One of my ultimate goals is to have my own business, so I see Etsy as a way to get started on that. I like my job as a teacher but I come from a small business family so it’s definitely in my blood and it’s in the cards for me…eventually.


#3 – Find more focus. It’s like when you first joined Pinterest and you went crazy pinning everything…I do that with crafts. ALL. THE. TIME. It’s like everything I read I want to try. I am an excellent planner but I have never been so great at follow through. I need to narrow it down to working on one or two projects at a time rather than the 12 I have going, the 17 I have planned, and the 83 that I never finished. My studio sometimes feels like a project graveyard. So it’s time to get those wrapped up and posted! And by the way can someone remind me occasionally that I can’t do everything. I seem to forget that sometimes and overwhelm my “to do” plate. And I don’t even have a spouse or kids to worry about. I wonder how all you amazing moms accomplish what you do!


#4 – Stop being such a perfectionist. It drives me crazy to be a perfectionist…and I’ve decided to stop doing things that drive me crazy. Funny thing is that I am already WAAYYYYY less of a perfectionist than I used to be. One reason I like to blog is that I love to write. I used to write for the newspaper at LSU and in high school and I would take days to craft the perfect thing to say. Yeah, well, now it is freaking stressing me out to spend hours on a post that I should only spend 30 minutes on. So streamlining is a must!


#5 – Learn how to use my camera and take more pictures. I have a pretty decent Canon Powershot (SX10 IS) that I bought a couple of summers ago for when I spent a month in Europe. Other than using the sweet 20x zoom I am pretty ignorant of what it is capable of. I am a photoshop whiz and can usually correct things on the back end, but I really want to learn how to take good pictures to begin with. And there isn’t a better time than now. I decided to participate in a project 365 this year and take a picture everyday using my camera…posting them at least once a week. Daily is probably not possible so I’m not going to set that goal. I hope I can keep this up because this is a really neat project I would like to actually finish!


Well, that’s about all I can probably handle. It’s been an amazing ride this year and I so appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read what I have to say! So a big hug and thank you for being a part of my little part of the blogosphere.


Good luck to all of you on the goals that you set! Let’s see what we can accomplish in 2012! :)


Until later, happy planning!

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