Yesterday I was going to make lunch (black bean tacos) and realized that I was out of my usual Mission Carb Balance Tortillas. While I was in the pantry trying to find something else to eat, I spied this bag of corn masa flour I had purchased to make some corn relish the Thanksgiving before last. It has just been sitting there lonely and unused. It had no expiration date on it and there were no bugs in it so it looked like it was still good.





Then a revelation came to me…I could make some corn tortillas! I’ve made flour tortillas in the past and it wasn’t that difficult. I read the package and it turns out that had all the other ingredients needed: water. Sweet…I love simple recipes! :)


Here’s how you do it:



Following the package directions based on how many you want to make, mix in the water. If it is really dry and crumbly though, add a Tbs of water at a time until it gets thicker and holds together better. Don’t add too much or it will be runny, which you don’t want.



Once you have the right consistency, take it out and knead it for a minute or two, then pat it together into one giant lump.



Divide into pieces for each tortilla and roll them into little balls. I am not so great with cutting similar sized pieces so I like to use my food scale and divide them by weight.



Now take 2 pieces of plastic wrap and sandwich one ball of flour in between them. FYI – wax paper will not work well for this (ask me how I know!).



To press them out you are supposed to use a tortilla press, but who actually owns one of those? I used the flat bottom side of a small cutting board and it worked great! FYI – trying to roll them out with a pin or drinking glass does not work well and makes them weird shapes and lumpy (again, ask me how I know!).



Now you have to peel off the plastic carefully!



Preheat a nonstick skillet. You don’t have to use oil or cooking spray. Try medium-high at first.



After a couple of seconds cooking you will be able to touch it with your finger and move the tortilla around. Cook for a minute or two and then flip it. I cooked and flipped mine a few times because I wanted them to brown a bit. Some may puff up a bit, that’s ok…just flip it then. Basically you want to cook it long enough to make sure the inside isn’t doughy.



And this is what they looked like…Yum!



I stored mine in a tortilla container with a paper towel.



They should be good refrigerated for a few days. The only ingredients in the corn flour were corn and a little bit of lime juice, so there are no artificial preservatives like the ones in the store. Corn tortillas are awesome in general but I never buy them because they come in mega packs and always end up going bad before I can use them all. But, they are lower in calories than processed flour tortillas, are gluten-free, and are lower on the glycemic index. Plus I didn’t add any fat when cooking them! Once you get the hang of it, these are pretty fast to make and they taste great. I don’t think I will be buying corn tortillas again. :)


Here’s my lunch all finished!



Until later, happy cooking!

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  1. V. says:

    lovely! I can’t find corn tortillas in my neck of the woods and I have to make my own. They look delicious.


  2. Looks so delicious!! Thanks so much for linking up! Just wanted to make sure that you signed up for my $50 stencil giveaway…

    XO, Aimee

  3. carolyn says:

    Whens dinner. I want in. Stopping by from TT&J
    Carolyn xx

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  5. Erin says:

    Awesome! Going to have to try this.

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