Friday, January 13th


I drove around near my house today for a while after work to try to find something interesting to take a picture of. Hopefully spring will bring more photo opportunities because it’s just cold outside and everything looks dead. Not much to choose from…






So I ended up at this little pond way back in the neighborhood next to mine. I knew it was there but I had never been to it before. So I decided to check it out. I found dozens of American Black Coots swimming around and diving in the water to get the underwater plants. Ok so I didn’t know they were Coots…I thought they were ducks or geese, but Google quickly proved me wrong when I got home.


They were really, really far away so this is as best as my 20x zoom could get. I wish I could have gotten one up close, they were really cool.



Here’s a pic that is zoomed out a some. I love the reflections in the water.



Maybe I’ll get out earlier tomorrow and try to get something in the morning sun.


Until later, happy picture taking!

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