Wednesday, January 18th


I drive through Nassau Bay everyday and cross over a bridge. At the base of the bridge is the sign where I took a picture of the hawk on day #4. Today I decided to stop on the way home and check out what was under the bridge since I had never been there.





I really like this beaten up log that was hidden a bit in the grass.



Here’s a shot of the waterway from the dock. I like how the sun was sparkling on the water…it looks like stars.



I really like this driftwood log with the grass growing out of it. It would have been my picture of the day except that beer can at the top of the picture is kind of tacky.



Tie your boat up here! I showed this pic to my dad and he asked what that was on top (the brown stuff)…um, that’s the water!



Next to the dock is a ton of trash mixed in with grass and cane. Gross!



Yep, that’s a lot of junk.



And finally a pic of under the bridge at low tide.




Until later, happy picture taking!

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