Thursday, January 26th


I’ve already expressed my feelings of displeasure towards the whole winter season. It has been gloomy and rainy lately and it really just makes me feel sad…and of course don’t like to feel sad. Who does? But today as I was walking out for lunch I saw something amazing – a gorgeous blue sky with cool puffy clouds and bright sunshine. I love it! I just had to snap a pic.





And although I had only a few minutes to enjoy it, it helped put a smile on my face for a few minutes on a stressful chaotic day.



Oh, and I literally only had a minute to take the pic so it was on auto…not fancy manual settings today.


Until later, happy picture taking!

2 Responses to “{PROJECT 365 – DAY #26} SUNSHINE SKY”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Dwell on Joy and my photography progress! I happen to also be participating a Project 366 – wonder if it’s the same one? (Flikr). My pictures are on the bottom of my blog! It sure is hard to remember to upload them everday, but I love doing it! Come back again and visit soon :)

  2. Susan says:

    A little ray of sunshine makes the world feel good that’s for sure

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