Friday, January 27th


It was another gorgeous day today when I was leaving school so I decided to head over to the Seabrook/Kemah bridge to see if I could get some cool pics. And I did!







Apparently I like birds. Or I like to photograph birds at least. Maybe this is just because there are no flowers around…but today was definitely the day of the birds! This is my favorite pic though…of this Brown Pelican was hanging out in the water and suddenly decided to take off. Luckily I was able to get a shot. But I wish I didn’t clipped the top of his wing off! Oh well!





Look at how big those wings are! Wow! I wish I could have gotten more of a close up but there is only so far my zoom will go! Plus those birds kind of spook easily. If you didn’t see the Perched Brown Pelican I took a pic of on Day 6, be sure to check it out. I got way closer to that guy.


Before he took off, the pelican was cruising in the pond in front of one of the local restaurants.



Here’s a close up…



This was actually my 2nd favorite picture of the day. I love how this Great White Egret is standing with the American flag in the background. It kinda feels patriotic.



I also got a bunch of other bird pics! This Green Mallard was just chillin’. I haven’t seen one of those guys in a while…usually we have a ton of the brown ducks around.



Here are some random birds chillin’ on some piers.



Then I hit the bird motherload! This area of Seabrook was pretty ravaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and so there are tons of empty lots with fences (and no trespassing signs) around them. This is a set of old pilings for some buildings that used to be there before the storm. So I was pretty far away from the birds and had to take these pics at the fence line. Pretty much every piling had a bird on it enjoying the beautiful 70′s winter weather.



I was using manual settings so I got a little too much light in the pictures. Those white blobs are White Pelicans. There were like 5 different bird species there at the same time…it was awesome! Dang those fences for not letting me closer!



This was the closest shot I could get of one of the White Pelicans. My lighting issue left him a little bright so I had to adjust some of the settings in photoshop.



I love that I can find all of these cool animals and stuff to photograph right down the street from my house! :) If it’s a nice weekend I might head down to Galveston and take some more wildlife pics.


Until later, happy picture taking!

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