I was driving around in a rural neighborhood by my house to find something interesting to take a picture of and I saw 3 horses in a field so I decided to stop.







They were actually pretty far away until I got out the car and approached the fence. Then they got really close…like tried to touch me close. But I didn’t want to touch/pet a strange horse…you never know when you are going to get bit. Actually, I’m not a huge fan of horses since I’ve had 2 semi-traumatic experiences at summer camp where I was almost thrown off. I prefer to enjoy their beauty (and strength) more from afar. Anyway, I was taking some pictures of the horses and I look over when I saw one of the others leaning over the rickety fence, almost falling down…trying to get the farthest patch of grass. It was pretty funny! I was kind of afraid she was going to break the fence though.


Here’s a face shot. What a pretty girl!


The original photo was a little hazy from the sun so I did some photoshopping to clean it up. And it looks much better!



Here is one showing the whole little horse gang. I cleaned it up a bit too.



You can check out all my photos on my Project 365 Pinterest Board.


Until later, happy picture taking!

One Response to “{PROJECT 365 – DAY #52} A HORSE’S REACH”

  1. Traci says:

    This photo made me laugh.

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