On the way to work there is a waterway connecting to Clear Lake that is full of all these white birds at sunrise and sunset. Because I was a leaving school a little later than normal, I finally got to stop and take some pictures of them before it got too dark.






How cool are these birds?!? They spend so much time preening!



This is a shot of the whole tree they were starting to gather. I’m not sure if this is a seasonal thing, but there are literally hundreds of birds in a dozen trees or so.


These are White Ibises (Eudocimus albus)…I took some awesome pictures of them when I went to Brazos Bend a few weeks ago though I haven’t posted them yet (sorry!). And I love the yellow fluffy things on the trees! I will have to figure out what kind of trees those are. Yay, spring is starting to bloom!



And this is the first time I’ve captured a picture of a Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis).



Every time I try to take a picture of all the birds lining the waterway it seems to come out either unimpressive or blurry. I’ll keep trying!


Until later, happy picture taking!

One Response to “{PROJECT 365 – DAY #58} BIRD HANGOUT”

  1. great photos – I think you got some great ones. I’m not sure what the long beak birds are but the ones with the shorter yellow beak are egrets I think.

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