Back in January I committed myself to doing a Project 365 for 2012, where I take a picture everyday. I had a pretty good little camera (a step below a DSLR) but I using auto all the time and had no idea how to use all the settings. Well, then my bloggy friend Amy over at It’s Overflowing started doing a (free) photography course and I have learned a ton following along. Of course I am kind of a procrastinator so I never did her “homework” from each lesson. But I was doing pretty well not using the auto settings, until I got my new T3i and it is way more complex (and a little scary)…so I am stuck on auto again! I thought now would be  a good time to go back and redo some lessons!



The 1st lesson she did was an overview of a basic DSLR. You can see that post HERE. The 2nd lesson was on changing the Aperture, or how much light enters you camera…Lower aperture equals more light and higher aperture equals less light. You can go HERE for her tutorial on aperture.


To do my lesson homework, I chose to photograph some big lemons in the kitchen. Using my 50mm f/1.8 lens, I was working with an aperture range of f/1.8 to f/22. Here are a few of my results:



Here’s a look again at the lowest vs. the highest f-stop:



The differences are definitely noticeable here between such extremes but the differences over f/13 were very slight…I think in my pictures the only thing that really changed after that point was the focus of the door knob in the background.  It definitely all makes more sense once you try it out with your own pictures! :)


I encourage everyone who wants to learn more about photography to swing by It’s Overflowing and take a look at her photography tutorials, they are REALLY helpful!


Until later, happy picture taking!



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And of course, I’m linking it up to the Photography Friday Party at It’s Overflowing!


  1. Jamie…your pictures are total works of art! You should think about opening a etsy shop! XO, Aimee

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