3 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Diann Burress says:

    I saw a matchbox car carrier a couple of months ago but can’t find it on your site now. I would like to get the
    pattern from you so I can make them for 3 year old twins. Can you please give me information on the pattern.


  2. jammie says:

    You said you had issues with the burlap feeding, as am I. Sometimes it just works, other times it doesn’t want to feed. You mentioned on your new printer that you figured out exactly how to feed it, HOW WAS THAT?????

    Also, did you ever have an issue with your printer printing one dark and then the next one light, then the same thing dark again… meaning the print quality seemed to be changing??

  3. Isabel Ross says:

    Hey there! I am interested in one of your burlap signs! Do you have an etsy store? I think I saw that you live in Houston, Tx…I do to! You can email me to let me know how much you charge and if possible to make me one :) THANKS!!!

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