I read the Hunger Games series over Spring Break while I was camping at Big Bend and loved it of course! When I got home, I called my sister to tell her that my 12 year old niece Alexis had to read them and she told me that Alexis was already on book #2! I was so excited! So Alexis and I chatted on the phone about the book and she asked me the most important question you could possibly ask…”are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?” I said, “Of course, Team Peeta!” So I knew what I had to make her!


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A couple of years ago I saw this inspiration quote by Abraham Lincoln on a little plaque so I bought it for my mom to hang in her kitchen. I forgot all about it until the other day when I was having a tough time and my dad reminded me of the quote.
So I decided to make myself a little printable in photoshop so I could print it and hang it up in the house.
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I found a few driftwood boards last week when I was taking pictures under the bridge in Nassau Bay. My favorite one was a piece of old fence board that was about 22″ long. I found the perfect spot for it over the door in my [lime green] downstairs half bath. I completely stripped the bathroom and redid it but I am stuck on the decoration phase. So I stared at at the board and thought and thought and thought for days about what I wanted to paint on it. Finally I came up with something!


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