I found a few driftwood boards last week when I was taking pictures under the bridge in Nassau Bay. My favorite one was a piece of old fence board that was about 22″ long. I found the perfect spot for it over the door in my [lime green] downstairs half bath. I completely stripped the bathroom and redid it but I am stuck on the decoration phase. So I stared at at the board and thought and thought and thought for days about what I wanted to paint on it. Finally I came up with something!


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My friend Angie is having a baby shower for her little newborn Emerson in a few weeks and among several other things, I decided that I wanted to make her a sign for the baby’s room.


Remember these Burlap Monogram Signs I have been making?



Well, they have been a big hit! I have made (and sold) several already. {the tutorial HERE}


But…I wanted to do a little something different this time.

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More Burlap Monogram Signs

So it seems my 24″ burlap monogram sign was a hit! Amber and Dan absolutely loved it, and so did my friends Kelly and Melonee. The ladies actually comissioned me to make some more for gifts – two for a wedding and one for an anniversary.

My first paying crafting gig…SWEET! :)

The 3 new signs came out really well too! And I am getting much faster at making them, so that is a bonus.

Notice I had to change the font for the S….the S on other font
looked weird….kind of like a P. So I went to something a little more fancy.


I am already thinking about possible Christmas presents and other signs I can make. I love burlap! I definitely need to figure out how much it costs to ship these babies because I want to put some up on Etsy.

Until later, happy crafting!

Curtain Shab to Curtain Fab

I love these silk bamboo curtains!

Errr…I used to.

A few years ago during one of their crazy clearance sales, Bed Bath & Beyond had these beautiful curtains on sale for $5 a panel, from the normal $40 a panel. So I bought 4 panels. Most recently I used them on the sliding glass door at my last apartment. My dog Marley chewed up the apartment’s vertical blinds so I had to take them down and put up curtains. The curtains looked great for a while until Marley destroyed those too…

These have seen better days…

Yes they look sad, but I haven’t had the heart to throw them out because A) They were expensive (well, before the clearance), and B) I genuinely like them. They go with my tropical decor style, they let some light in the room, and the texture is unique. But now, in addition to looking ratty, they also don’t fit my huge window which is around 9 feet tall. This is the last window in the house that doesn’t have a covering because it has taken me the last year to make a decision. But given that I am tired of having to worry about being appropriately dressed to walk to the fridge, it was finally time to make that decision.

Here the is the window. The wall is beige…before I painted it brown.

I didn’t want to just do blinds because the window is an awkward size (thank you rounded top) and they are expensive when you start getting that long. So I would need  108″ curtains to cover this window which are pricey and can be difficult to find. Not to mention that I haven’t seen any normal length curtains I liked at all recently anyway.

So I decided to do a curtain makeover on my beloved bamboo silk curtains!

I just painted the window wall a couple of weeks ago with a brown accent color which happened to have a tinge of green in it. So for fabric, I chose two 1.5 yard pieces I got on clearance at Garden Ridge for $4 each. The fabric was a heavy home-dec weight fabric with a thick weave and I knew it would look awesome with the bamboo curtains and the accent wall color.

I really like this brown and green…the colors felt kind of tropical
What the curtains looked like when I started.
Note the new wall color
This was my plan: (I drew it for a better explanation)
Cut the curtains off at the lowest point that wasn’t damaged, add a 6 inch green fabric band, then add the rest of the length needed in the brown fabric.

I started by laying out the curtains on my massive cutting table (excuse the mess and poor lighting please!). And then I cut them around 60″. The hardest part was smoothing the panel down and making sure it was even.

Then I cut 6 inches of green fabric and sew it to the bottom. I encountered 2 problems here:
1) the 6 inch band was small and looked weird
2) I didn’t have enough brown fabric to accomplish what I needed (I had only 1.5 yards instead of 2)

After brief contemplation, I came up with a new plan:

Using the current old curtains attached to the green band, I decided to cut the top strip of the old curtains where the rings were attached and then sew this side to the green band.
After that I attached a medium sized green section followed by a larger brown section.
Here I am attaching the top strip with the rings to the original green band.
Then I added the green section to the other side (the new bottom). Then I tried them on the window. Looks good so far!
Then I added about half of my brown fabric to make up the rest of the length. Looking good!
After finishing the hem on the bottom and completing the other panel (I used only 2 of the 4), this is what my final product looks like:
Still need to get those wrinkles out…

View from the ground that shows the whole length:

Detail at the top

What they look like during the day…letting in a little light

A wide shot of my “still in progress” kitchen

Look on the right, there is the bulletin board I made the other day!
Looks great with my new curtains!

I am extremely happy at how the these curtains came out…they are better than I ever expected! And they only cost me $8. So one project done, only a million more to do…Progress at least!
Until later, happy crafting!

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Bulletin Board Makeover

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A few months ago, my friend Jennifer asked me to cover their sad, boring bulletin board when they moved in their new house. What I think I struggled with the most was deciding on what fabric to put on it since it was going in her living room and I didn’t want her husband to have to stare at something too girly. A 100% flower pattern was definitely out!

So after trying out nearly every piece of fabric I have, this is what I came up with…

I used dark brown canvas and accented the top and bottom with a band of brown and white floral fabric. Just in case you were wondering, the floral fabric isn’t actually attached to the brown canvas, it is just kind of sitting on top. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out, considering this was my first bulletin board makeover! Jennifer and her husband James were as well!

This week as I was finally getting to decorating my kitchen (which has been in the constant state of remodel since last summer…), I decided I wanted a bulletin board to put my recipes on, rather than just have them lying around covered in egg and other miscellaneous goop.

So this was the spot in the Kitchen that I wanted to put the bulletin board…

It was so plain and boring…it definitely needed some jazzing up.
When I was at the thrift store last week I picked up a 18″ x 26″ bulletin board for $2.99! It was in pretty good condition and even had a solid wood frame. And it fit perfectly in this space! Sweet.
Covering the Bulletin Board
(I apoligize in advance for my shoddy pictures or lack of pictures!)

Materials needed for this project: Fabric (duh!), batting (either cotton or polyester will work), and a staple gun. I had some polyester batting scraps that I used here but I used cotton batting scraps for Jennifer’s board. For the fabric, I used a home-dec weight printed linen. I love the feel of the heavier fabrics on a project like this, but you can use plain quilter’s cotton too. Just DON’T SKIP the batting! The batting makes this project! :)

**DIY TIP – When doing this project, you have to be careful of the bulletin board you use…not all are created equally. Because you will be stapling the fabric to the back of the frame/and or the board, you cannot use one that has a plastic frame and cardboard on the back. Most of the bulletin boards you find at Walmart are made from these materials because they cost less to make and are therefore cheaper. Check other stores like Target or Office Depot for a better quality board…or see if you can get one from a thrift store like I did.
One issue I had was the location where I wanted to put it. Because I didn’t want to stick nails in the side of my cabinet, I knew I needed to use heavy duty double stick mounting tape. BUT the back of the board was a weird plywoodish back that I knew the tape wouldn’t stick to (plus it was about 1/4″ lower than the frame).
My solution was to attach 2 strips of wood across the back. These were actually strips of  lattice I had left over from another project. I just stapled them onto the frame on the left and right side. Because bulletin board won’t be weight bearing, these staples were plenty strong enough! If I wanted to reinforce them more, I could have used some glue under the wood in addition to stapling it.
With that problem out the way, now we are ready to cover it!
Start with the right side of the fabric (the pretty side) down on the table, lay the batting on top, then lay the cork side of the bulletin board on top of the batting.
First, cut your fabric and batting to fit your bulletin board, leaving about 3-4 inches all the way around. You don’t have to worry about being precise here…just make sure you have enough fabric to wrap around and grab. Again, my frame was 18″ x 26″, so my fabric and batting ended up being about 24″ x 32″ each.
The easy part first – securing the left and right sides of fabric on the bulletin board.
Make sure your fabric is placed exactly where you want it, fold over the left edge and staple it down along the left side of the bulletin board frame (sorry I don’t have a pic of this!). If you have a patterned fabric like I do, make sure it is lined up with the edge of the frame. My staple gun is not the strongest so some of my staples didn’t go in all the way so I took a hammer and tapped them in. If you end up with crooked staples it’s ok, I promise! Staple the fabric to the entire left side of the frame.
Now do the right side. Fold the right side of the fabric over the frame. This time you want to pull the fabric until it is tight…but also make sure your pattern is still aligned. Once it is in the correct place, staple the fabric onto the right side of the entire frame.
So at this point both left and right sides of the fabric should be stapled to the frame of the bulletin board, and the fabric should be tight. If any parts are loose, remove the staples, pull it tighter and re-staple. Sorry again I don’t have a pic of this step…dang it!
Ready to move on??
Ok, now we are going to fold each corner and staple it down. But before you do, you need to reduce some of the batting bulk on the corners by cutting them like so:
Now that the corners are cut, let’s start at the right bottom. The fabric is already folded over and stapled like this:
Fold the bottom corner of the fabric up into a tight triangle.
Then fold that triangle up. Make sure to keep it tight, but pay attention if you have a patterned fabric!

Now staple along the frame. Again, I prefer stapling along the frame because it holds the fabric tighter. You want to make sure you have a firm grip on the fabric and that you are pulling tight while paying attention to the pattern on your fabric.

So once you have finished a whole corner, you can staple the bottom side a little bit. This is what it should look like so far:
So neat and pretty! :) Now do the left corner fold the same way.
Rotate the board 180 degrees so the top is now on the bottom and repeat with the right corner and then left corner. Remember to keep it tight!
Note – when folding the corners, you have to fold them in the EXACT same way every time. When you are done, the folded edges should be on the top and bottom sides and the neat edges should be on the left and right sides.
Here is what my bulletin board looked like:
So pretty! And I love the shape that the batting gives it.
You can stop here if you want but because my bulletin board pattern was busy and the adjacent wall I was putting it on was busy, I felt like the two were fighting each other, so I had to do something!
My solution was to add decorative corners.
Adding decorative corners
I took 4 strips of fabric that were 3.5″ x 11″. With each strip folded the side of the fabric back, I sewed a 1/2″ seam on each side. You can also use iron on no sew tape to do this. This is what each strip (now 2.5″ x 11″) looks like from the back.
Starting on one corner I laid out the strip diagonally and measured where I wanted it…about 5″ from the bottom on each side.
Then I carefully turned it over (here is an excellent time to recheck your measurements), then I stapled it down on each side.
Now repeat for the other 3 sides. Once I finished all 4 corners I added my double sided tape along the wood strips.

Then I put it up on my wall…the decorative corners made a big difference!

Viola…a pretty new board! Here’s a little before and after:

And now it’s in use :)

Until later, happy crafting!

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