I haven’t worked on the look of my blog for a while and it was driving me crazy. I used to do all my graphics on my pc laptop but when I switched to this super awesome Mac I realized the colors were different and the green I was totally in love with looked super bright (and a little tacky…sigh…). Not to mention, I decided that I really wasn’t loving my social media icons. I helped my friend Aimee at It’s Overflowing with the coding on her new icons and they looked great…so I knew I wanted to redo mine.


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2011 was a good year because it got me crafting again and brought me to blogging. In early 2011, I randomly found a linky party on Tip Junkie and of course I was sucked in…who wouldn’t be? I never knew craft blogs were even out there! Crazy! All these amazingly talented women were being passionate about being creative. I was like “Awesome…sign me up!”


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Pin It
I was approached a couple of weeks ago by my friend Christy who coaches softball to make some sparkly headbands for her team because the girls wanted to bling out their uniforms. Christy is a runner and bought a few of those fancy runner’s stay-in-place headbands to help hold her hair back. She asked if I could duplicate her headbands for the girls. I looked at the headband (which retails for $15-18+) and realized it was only sparkly ribbon backed with velveteen ribbon with a small piece of elastic attached. Piece-O-Cake!!!


So I went shopping at Hobby Lobby and they had a great selection of ribbon. I went with red sequin ribbon and matching red velveteen. I am almost finished the 20 that she ordered for the team. Here is what I have so far…



I just have to put the elastic on and I’ll be ready to deliver them to the girls!


Anyway, I decided to put together a little tutorial on how to make these and I am using pink ribbons to celebrate breast cancer awareness month.


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Welcome to My New Blog!!!

So I did it…I finally did it! I have been saying for months now that I was going to migrate my blog Sew Rockin’ to my own website and I finally sat down Friday night and started working on it. Then I worked all day Saturday and most of today. After some headache and only a little cursing I finally got it done…I am so excited! I am hoping that all 25 of my old followers will find their way on over here plus I am super excited to try to attract some more readers!

Anyway, welcome. I have lots of fun in store for everyone! :)

Until later, happy crafting!


Back from hiatus

So I’m back from a blogging hiatus…not that I really meant to go on hiatus. It just kind of happened…

May was busy with school ending and then I got into summer and I honestly can’t recall what has kept me occupied with the last 4 weeks of summer break, but all I know is that the new school year is looming around the corner already! Ugh! I have 2 weeks here at home, then the next 3 weeks I will be out of town on vacation..YAY!

Anyway I have been sewing a ton of random things for random people. It is funny how as time passes you forget that you did a miscellanous project here and there until you are at someone’s house sitting on their sofa and you look over and say to yourself, “Hey, I made that…I totally forgot that I made that.” I keep meaning to chronicle all the random stuff I do…I am promising myself I will do better!

I did manage to snap a photo of this cute wristlet that I made one of my 12th grade students Katherine. She got me a gift card for Starbucks (yum!) for teacher appreciation day, so I wanted to sew her something a little nice. She loved it of course!

Well, this summer I have found myself reorganizing my sewing space(s)…yes I have expanded into another room…but I haven’t gotten to spend a ton of time sewing…mainly because I have been decorating my house (more on that later!).

I did get to take a sewing class a make my very first purse. It is the Amy Butler “Frenchy Bag”…it came out pretty awesome.

I actually made one as a birthday gift for my mom’s friend too, but of course I forgot to take a pic of it! It was black and white (actually I used the same black and white damask fabric for the body as in Katherine’s wristlet above).

As far as this particular purse goes, there are some quirky things that drive me crazy…the top “flap” always folds down and it has some weird pockets inside. I am currently working on my own purse pattern…but I love the shape and the pleats on this one! Plus I love telling people that I made it. :)

One thing I have been doing is enjoying my pool! Last year I was so busy that I hardly got in it….not the case this year! And these guys don’t mind the pool too much as long as they get to ride on the raft.

My weiner dogs, Marley and Cooper…aren’t they adorable?!?

Really, can Cooper be cuter?