Cleaning time!

So the huge mess in my sewing room finally broke me. Picture a dump truck plowing into a Joann’s fabrics, and then the store gets hit by a tornado. That is what the room looked like. Seriously… I am not the neatest person but when it gets to a certain level of disorganization I can no longer function and I don’t even want to sew or craft because there is crap everywhere.

Here’s the before….

I should point out that this is only ONE of the rooms where all my sewing stuff it. It has managed to take over a whole other room (which would be a guest room if I ever had guests) and part of a tiny hall and part of a 3rd room. It’s sad…so today I finally found the time to do something about it. And 8 hours later this is what I have…
And I would like to point out that my sewing stuff uses less area of the guest room and I have gotten it all out of the hall and the 3rd bedroom. Yay! And I like the giant cutting table in that location…I have been really challenged as to how to configure this room mainly because of that 4′ x 8′ table. But let’s try this for a while…it just might work.
I still would like to do some decorating…it is pretty boring but at least I can sew again!
Until later, happy sewing!