Kitchen to do list

Yesterday I was on my way to visit my sister in Seattle and while I was delayed during my layover in Oakland I decided to use my time to try to make decisions and plan out the remaining projects for my kitchen. I am kind of all over the place with finishing my projects and I really want to focus and get the kitchen done before I move onto any other rooms. Thankfully all the construction of the kitchen is done, I just have the decorating part.
I’ve already shared my completed bulletin board and curtains that both came out awesome….it feels like this space is really starting to come together!
A great start to the kitchen decoration!
So here’s the list:
1. Seal the backsplash and replace all the electrical outlets and covers (about 7). This is the least fun project on my list. I have been putting it off since I installed the tile in February. I know it will make a huge difference but I just can’t motivated to start, even though I could get it done in an afternoon.

2. Make my monogram wall. For months now I have been picking up “the letter J” in all shapes and sizes to do a “J” collage. I may be up to a dozen pieces already. And I am not sure yet what colors or techniques I am going to use but hopefully that comes to me when I start working on it. I am still trying to decide if I want to put it on the big wall or the little side kitchen wall next to the fridge. I am leaning toward the little side today.

3. On the left side kitchen wall…well, I don’t know. The long shape of it makes it difficult to fit anything I already own, and I can’t seem to find anything long enough to buy. I also haven’t figured out anything to make that would go there either. I have started saving beer bottle caps to make a cool mural with (like the one I saw at the Abita Brewery where my cousin had his wedding reception) but I don’t really have enough to really do anything with yet.

Another obstacle is the greenish brown color I painted on the adjacent wall…I love it but I have to be careful of the colors I choose so it doesn’t look weird…red and black are definitely out! Maybe I could paint a custom vintage-looking sign there…hmmm…not sure yet. Vivienne over at The V-Spot did an AMAZING sign that I love!
4. Put a plant in the kitchen corner…a pretty tropical that doesn’t need much light and won’t die so easily. Even after I eventually get some tiebacks for the curtains, the kitchen doesn’t get any direct sunlight (it’s a north facing window) so some plants don’t like that. I don’t really have a stellar track record with indoor plants. But the last one looked good in that spot…well, before it died. 
5. I was in my dad’s business warehouse the other day and I spied this beautiful piece of wood that still had the tree bark on the edges. I asked him if I could have it and he said sure because it came attached to a pallet…SCORE! I plan to put it above the pantry door where my stained glass salmon is. His name is Sam and he will be relocating to the living room above the hallway under the staircase.

Sam the stained glass salmon…one day I will tackle a project like this.

I am going to stencil a phrase on the board but I haven’t decided what yet. But I have my trusty Cricut ready and waiting to make those stencils. Any ideas??
6. I have a skinny wood picture frame (12″ x 24″) that I want to turn into a brown chalkboard with homemade chalkboard paint. I am not sure yet if I want to make it a magnetic board or not though. I’m leaning toward not.
I would like to make a separate magnetic board for the kitchen since my pretty stainless fridge is not magnetic and I have a bunch of cool magnets from my travels. But I don’t really have a place to put it, and I also worry that the kitchen might look cluttered with chotchkies. So now I am thinking I might move the magnet board project upstairs to my sewing studio…whenever I get around to that particular train wreck.
7. I also want to put a little something hanging on the tile backsplash right above the stove below the microwave. Not sure what yet but it needs to be kind of square shaped.
I think that might be it…we’ll see.
But now I am on vacation for 8 days and I will have to work on those when I get home.
Until later, happy crafting!